Heavy Weight (Revisted)

I am so grateful for the work Christ has done in my life. If you would have told me 20 yrs ago that I could be set free from all that was weighing me down, I would have told you  straight to your face…”You, are crazy!” But now I am here to say…”There is freedom in Christ!” It took a long time for me to understand this. And,  since I am a work in process, it will take my life’s journey to understand more.
I wrote these blog posts almost 3years ago. Since my reader base has grown since then, I wanted to throw them out there again. It brought me to tears as I reread the posts myself, because it reminded me of how so undeserving I am of God’s grace. But through His love and mercy, He chooses to lavish it on me anyway.
I live because Christ lives in me! I live because Christ intercedes for me! I live because Christ is for me!

Please click on each link below:
 Heavy Weight pt. 1Heavy Weight pt. 2Heavy Weight pt. 3

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