Twenty Things I Love about You….

I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. I remember almost fainting when your dad and I found out we had given birth to a girl after four boys. I remember uncontrollably crying when you released my hand to run into your first day of preschool. Throughout the years, I’ve sat through numerous dance recitals, and I’ve tasted some awesome food as you experimented with cooking. I remember the bittersweet feeling that overwhelmed me as I dropped you off at college. Now you are twenty! I praise God every day that He blessed me with my little girl. I am so proud of you. These are twenty things I love about you:

My only daughter
– Strong-willed (which allows you to stand firm in the important things)
– Very detailed (which means you see thing I often don’t see or remember:)
– Compassionate
– A good baker (Your brothers are giving a loud AMEN!)
– Patient (which enables you to hang on to a gift card for life)
– My TV buddy
– Encourager (Thank you for always being my biggest encourager)
– Heart that continues to seek after the Lord
– My shopping buddy
– Highly favored by your brothers
– Someone I look up to (Yes, I look up to you)
– Humble
– Beautiful inside and out
– Creative….very creative
– My sushi eating buddy
-You allow me to speak wisdom into your life
– Smart
– A friend to all
– Bossy (A note from Brandon: You are my sister and even though you boss me around I love you.  I love you just the way you are. God blesses you and so do I.) 

Love you! Happy 20th Birthday!

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