Getting 2017 Started!

Happy New Year! Are you ready to see what 2017 holds? I know some of you are ready to leave 2016 behind in the dust. Yeah, I’ve had years like that, too. However, this picture I posted holds a whole lot of truth of what God can do with all of our mess. He turns it into something good. We might have to search for it on some days. We might have to walk minute by minute to feel the effects now and then. We might have to trust and believe when all hope seems nonreaching. But the goodness is there none the less.

My word (or I should say phrase) this year is ….open hands. I’ve come to a place where I am tired of “trying to figure it all out.”  I want to position myself where I’m so in tune with my Savior (John 15). Having open hands will cause me to be or do exactly what I need to be doing.  I want to walk so close to Jesus that if He turned around, I would bump into Him. Hey, you want to join the Congo line?:)

Jesus started a great work in each of, Ladies. May He continue His transforming work in each of us:) Phil. 1:6

By the power of the Holy Spirit, direct my steps, Lord.

2 thoughts on “Getting 2017 Started!

  1. My grandfather used to say in his prayer, Lord I want to be so close to you that I can feel you breathing on me. I'm joining you in that congo line hopeing to bump into Jesus and let him breathe afresh on us.


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