When I am not so Loving..

It is a typical day like any other day; my thoughts are lining up, and I’m feeling pretty good. Then, I see him. He is walking down the street. I don’t know him from Adam (whatever that means:). But instantly my-lined-up thoughts take to turn – a detour. Suddenly, I am quick to make assumptions and judge this person I’ve never even met.

However, I didn’t end there. With one heated hurtful comment. The poison dripped from my mouth. My heart instantly sank into a deep pit.

Why was I so quick to judge?

Was it because he looked different than me? Maybe my assumptions brought me to believe he was from a different background? Maybe it was his size. Or, just maybe….it was because he reminded me of my very own insecurities.

Sometimes our ignorant, judgemental, non-deserving views of someone else say more about what’s going on inside of ourselves. Think about it!

You see, lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the book of John where “Love one another” rings over and over.

Who am I called to love: neighbor, people who look different than me, those who think differently than me, the needy, the broken, brothers and sisters in Christ, my husband and my children.., etc.

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35 NLT

 My heart sank that day because deep in my gut I knew the truth of God’s word. I was also a bad witness to my son, who was in the back seat and heard my words.

I was convicted instantly. And what is the purpose of conviction? The purpose is to cause a change of direction. Turning around and heading the other way. Which means I have a choice. I can continue on my destructive path, or I can seek the heart and eyes of Christ and choose to see people as He does?

I don’t know who the boy was walking down the street that day, but I do know his face will be etched into my memory for awhile. My heart’s desire is to walk close to Jesus that I began to resemble Him in my flawed, non-perfect way. I fail. I fall. I get back up with grace and forgiveness as my anchor. And I’m able to press on.

If you are like me and your instant response isn’t always to love, join me in seeking forgiveness and choosing to align our hearts with Jesus. On any particular day, I am sure we will get plenty of chances.

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