Daily Reflection #10

Waiting in the Lord

Have you ever found yourself in the pattern of waiting for something to happen? Such as….waiting for an answer to come in the form of an email or phone call; waiting for healing in a broken relationship, finances, physical pain, or healing from strongholds. Whatever situation that is causing

us to wait…It can be hard.

Waiting is where I find myself right at the moment, as we wait to see what the next step is going to be for our daughter after finishing college. It’s very easy for me to let the fear of the unknown creep in. It is also easy for me to want to retract my open-ready-to-give-everything-to-God extended hands. I want to take control and say, “I got this. I know what’s best in this situation.” However, we all know there is better way:)

Releasing. Surrendering. Trusting that God knows and He sees the big picture when we only see in part. When we choose to wait with our hands extended, we allow our faith and trust to grow. We rest in a faith that says, “My God is for me, and He knows the work He is doing in me and my family.”

My friends, where do you find yourself this week? Like me, do you need to rest in the season of waiting? Join me in trusting God to be God. He’s good at it!

Lord, today I want to choose peace. I don’t want to live in turmoil.

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 41:31)

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4 thoughts on “Daily Reflection #10

  1. It sure is easy to take back that control without realizing it, isn't it? I don't like the unknown either, I like the control of knowing and planning. Thank God He's a better planner than we are, so we can trust that everything's in good hands. Will pray for your daughter and her future. Even exciting changes can be stressful, can't they? Keep us posted on what God does there. 🙂 So good to see you today, friend. ((xoxo))


  2. My children are grown and married…but my mamma's heart still wants to control and arrange. And now….there are grandchildren! My learning continues in trusting, surrendering and releasing.


  3. Thank you for your prayers, Brenda. I think a mothers heart will always be concerned for her children. Prayer provides comfort because we know our Father in Heaven watches over them. We didn't get the answers we were hoping for. After the major disappointment, we got back up on our feet. I am trusting God to take her where she needs to go.


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