About Me

Hi, welcome! My name is Denise Crosby.

A few things about me: 

I love shopping at Forever 21
I love playing in my garden even though my thumbs aren’t very green.
I am a home-body. I love my home. I love my family.
I love sitting chatting face to face with a friend.
I love bacon.
I love Jesus with all of my heart.

I’ve been married to my husband for over 27 years. We have 6 beautiful children, which includes one stepson. I also have three precious grandbabies. After many years of serving as a MOPS mentor mom and serving as a leader in women’s ministry, my passion for women has only increased. I know from experience that our life’s journey can get messy. I hope to encourage you to be the best version of you. Through my life’s story, I hope to reassure you that your life story matters and helps portray the kind of woman you are and the one you hope to be. Together we can take the next steps that are needed to move forward in life. Daily we get to live by faith, surrender our hearts, and let Jesus get deep in our wounds so He can heal them.  Let’s take this journey together.

“Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matt. 7:24