My Daily Dose

I have been guilty on many occasions of trying to bring “tomorrows” worries into my “today”. Can anyone relate? However, I was struck hard when I read the story in Exodus. You know the one where Moses, by God’s power, delivered his people from their bondage. (Exodus 16: 1-36) 

But wait! Listen to this!
Now, they were entering into a new kind of bondage: They felt like they were lacking…they were hungry for what they had back in Egypt. They had that feeling like the one where you feel like you’re missing out on something. However, God through His grace (I don’t think I would have had that much patience:) provided them with some food called manna. They could gather only what was need, and it says there was no lack.
No lack, huh? Do I feel as if things are lacking in my life? You know there is so much to worry about on a daily bases…college tuition, price of gas, a broken government, my only daughter leaving for college next year, hardship and pain of those around me. And if I were being honest, I would include the need to control everything and every circumstance around me. As a matter of fact, I am sure I could easily fill this page up with all my worries and woes. (I’m sure you have your own list).
But is this how I am called to live life?
Like the people group of long ago, I can thank God for my daily dose of manna. I can believe that He supplies all my needs (Phil. 4:19). I can trust that He already knows the future; moreover, He is already there.
However, also like the people group of long ago, I am forgetful when it comes to walking with trust and thankfulness. I start to complain and worry. I am so grateful that my God in heaven is so faithful and never gives up on me. And that Jesus died for those such as me with a short-term memory.
The truth is……we all have been given everything that pertains to this life (2 Peter 1:3). We can stand firm and rooted in Christ. Why worry about tomorrow for we don’t know what tomorrow will bring? If we continue to focus on the uncertainties of tomorrow, we will miss the joy that is available for us today.
One day at a time…
“And they lacked nothing….”

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